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Why video is the most powerful marketing tool

Why video is the most powerful marketing tool

We all have been there. 


You’ve come up with a creative piece of copy, ornamented with striking designs, and then you hit the upload button on social media with a sigh of contentment.

But, when you look at the analytics, it's heart-wrenching to see that the content isn't good enough to be read or even shared.


We all know that storytelling is the most compelling way to engage people. Be it, Gen X, Y, or, Z everyone loves stories, especially when painted and blended with artistic designs, vibrant colours, and dramatic music.

Conveying your story to influence people can be challenging, but not hard if done the right way. 


Here, we're about to share why video is the most powerful marketing tool to hook consumers to your brand.


With the onset of influential platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and Snapchat, there's a huge opportunity to connect and engage with your customers. On average, people spend more than 2 hours on these platforms daily. And we all know that we tend to watch, react, and share videos more than texts. That’s the Power of Platforms.


Moreover! Your partner in crime 'Google' loves videos. A video is more likely to be listed on the first page of the Google search than a webpage. But, it has to be optimized well. 

Also, people would prefer to choose a video over a webpage description to get faster insights. Wyzowl says that video has helped 84% of businesses to increase traffic to their website. That’s how Search Engine Optimization shows us some love. 


We do know that great content and video production demands time and money. But, investing in a quality video pays off big time. Stats says that 83% of the businesses get a good return on investment on videos, and that isn't surprising because about 4.57 billion people use the internet every day. As an icing on the cake, visual experience triggers 90% of human thoughts. That’s the Power of Visual Experience.


Also, in the past, consumers have been hooked to a particular product because they feared quality inconsistency and limited choices. But in this modern era, with millions of products and services flooding the market, consumers demand both functional & psychological benefits to meet their needs. Research shows that 96% of consumers are more likely to learn about the product’s features & benefits after watching the video than reading the description. That’s how video Builds Trust with consumers.


Video is not just a mode of information but an unforgettable experience that the viewers relish after watching it, which in turn influences their buying patterns. Stats show that 84% of the customers are likely to buy a product or service after watching the brand video. That’s how video increases the Conversion Rate. 



Video has never failed to intrigue people to date. Because of which 91% of the businesses consider video in their marketing strategy. 


There's a saying by Maya Angelou," People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."


Your well-crafted video has the power to connect through people’s hearts and influence them to dream, talk, and finally buy from you.


Nothing inspires people than personality. And your job is to show it to them. 


To make meaningful connections!


In what other ways can you mesmerize millions of people across the globe? 


If you’re a business person or a marketer, then you should try out videos in your marketing strategies to increase brand presence.


Contact us to know more about the different types of videos for different marketing goals.



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