About Us

Filmbaker is a part of FRAMED REVER PRIVATE LIMITED which is registered under the Companies Act, 2013.

Get the best savings out of your piggy bank of images-a video that is unforgettable forever- A single step solution to all your images- that's what we do.

We blend the nine different tastes with our secret ingredient and give a perfect sugar coating touch to freshly bake your images into a video with the best aroma- just like the way you need it.

We ensure QCD (Quality-Cost-Delivery) as per customer requirement; that's our basic motto- We make it, we bake it and you love it. Hence, you can bake your loved ones happy.

A brief summary of the various freshly brewed services we can provide to make a beautiful video of yours:

1. Collaborate your images into a whole new dimension:

We blend your images into a beautiful video as per your best pick, from a wide range of categories showcasing the best sample videos for your beloved ones. Now you can avail our various video services categorized briefly as below:

A. Wedding Invitation

B. After wedding scene

C. Birthday gift 

D. Birthday memory

E. Love proposal

F. Memories


2. Custom made videos:

We can customize your videos/ photos and make it look the way you want- even if you want to change a single second of video length, we'll make sure you're completely satisfied and you're good to go with it.

If you choose the ingredients, you know how it'll taste- we'll make the taste come true- the same goes with our video.


3. Corporate Videos: 

May it be an introduction video, a profile video, a promotion video, an event video or a greeting video- you name it! 

We support all kind of corporate requirements on videos.


Come, let's get started to bake your loved ones happy!